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    Acceleration Strategy

    KUG's Business Acceleration Strategy methodology is the outcome of over 20 years in development and refining perfection in management consulting.

    This holistic business solution for businesses aim to support businesses in the process of adaptating to the current market situation and industrial growth. As a result producing market leaders and gaining a competitive edge in the industry.

    KUG’s Business Acceleration Strategy can be performed in modular services. The most common services includes:
    ■ Facilitating Company Registration
    ■ Facilitating Transferring of Assets
    ■ Nominee Director and Secretary Services
    ■ Offshoring of Business Operations:
    ○ Branding/Marketing
    ○ Website Development
    ○ Human Resource
    ○ Bookkeeping Accounting

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    M&A and PE

    Every year, thousands of companies worldwide, from large to small, go through the process of M&A (Merger & Acquisition) or PE (Private Equity). In that process, Companies are usually acquired by competitors/investors or decide to merge with businesses. Reasons behind the joining of forces can span from either 1) offensive strategies, such as data collection, bolstering growth potential or deepening expertise in a sector or discipline 2) defensive tactics, including goals as consolidating the firm’s market share or gaining added financial means to safeguard financial stability.

    At KUG, we offer seamless and integrated M&A/PE advisory in various regions that encompasses from due diligence and strategic planning to deal execution all the way to post-project operation integration.

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    Wealth Management

    KUG’s Wealth Management Mobile Application is a user-friendly and ergonomic digital platform for CFOs and Finance Directors/Managers.

    An independent database with regular modular enhancements to ensure that you get up-to-date updates on the entire portfolio, e-documentation filing, news, assets, accounts, and reporting.

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    With over 20 years of experience working with 30 over different Singapore Standard Industrial Classifications, we are confident to provide a holistic business solution to your company.

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