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Leading The Way InConsulting Business For Over 25 Years

Our Story

  • 1995

    In 1995, the predecessor company, KUG International, was founded. Developing the consulting philosophy based on the notion that consultants should gain as much exposure to multi-industrial and to be service-oriented. It was no surprised that within a short span of time, that humble company with a big philosophy made its first million in profits within a short span of time and forged many strong partnerships across the globe.

  • 2014

    Fast-Forward to 2014, KUG International started to focus on maintaining and growing international relationships by building an online forum catering to the Merger & Acquisition and Private Equity community. With that strategy in place, KUG International launched its consultancy arm, Kingston United Group.

Global Mission

Helping our clients create a sustainable future for themselves and their loved ones.


To perpetuate the values and legacy to future generations through innovations.

  • 2017

    Since its rebranding in 2017, Kingston United Group became a preferred Management Consulting Services corporation - a multi-billion global industry - with 3 main core businesses: Merger & Acquisition, Private Equity, and Business Acceleration Strategy. Kingston United Group headquarter remains to be located in Singapore — the world leader in foreign trade and investment & ranked first for having the most open economy for international trade and investment. Kingston United Group has service over 30 industrial classifications until this very date.

Kingston United Group unites our core values in Integrity, Confidence, and Passion in the services we deliver. Our clients and investors will receive uncompromising standards for high performance.

  • Integrity - We value honesty, trustworthiness and high ethical standards.
  • Excellence - We strive for excellent performance in everything we do.
  • Passion - We are passionate about growing businesses to greater heights.

KUG Solutions

Kingston United Group offers an array of business and investing solutions to meet the demands of today’s market. Capitalize on our network, expertises and services to address your legacy needs.

For businesses, Kingston United Group’s Business Acceleration Strategy can accelerate growth and productivity through strategy, structure, and systems to a framework built on purpose, process, and people.

For investors, Kingston United Group’s Investors-Only Access Forum offers a range of portfolio of businesses and projects. With our support, we can assist by narrowing down your next acquisition/private-equity deal by managing the process, reviewing your existing strategy, or preparing for a buy/sell.

CEO's Message

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    The thing about Internet age is the term "going global". "Going global" to many seems as easy as setting up a website online -- that is far from the truth. Here is a fun fact: according to Netcraft's March 2012 website survey, there are over 644 million active websites on the Internet (definitely a lot more now).

    Now the major question is, "how are you going to compete with these millions of websites that is struggling for attention?". Corporations these days face huge challenges in today’s global and highly competitive markets.

    It seems now that the world is shrinking and the unpredictable market conditions (e.g. COVID-19) is worrying to the unfamiliar. The solution: a sharp global perspective on economic, up-to-date technology, creative marketing, trained professionals and a confident leader that sees beyond current knowledge and capabilities.

    At Kingston United Group, we want to partner our clients and investors in joint leadership to prepare for a new hallmark in the world of business and help achieve high performance as well as in bringing positive change to the communities in which we work, play and live.

    As we embark on this journey together, I am confident that my consultants at Kingston United Group will succeed in our business endeavors.