Achieve Business Success in and Worldwide.

With over 20 years of experience of servicing companies Worldwide & , our clients trust us to lead their Business Acceleration Strategy.

Offshore Company Based in Singapore

Specialize in facilitating Company Registration, Virtual Office,and Bank Account Opening in Singapore for foreigners that speaks Russian, Mandarin, Burmese, Japanese, and Bahasa.

Connecting High-Net-Worth Individuals to Companies

Through our Profiling, Validation & Systematic Matchmaking Process, KUG facilitate connections between Businesses to HNWIs and vice versa.

Be a Market Leader in a highly competitative market with the right Strategy.

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Why KUG is Different

KUG helps with company transformation both internally and externally to stay highly competitive. Our approach is to provide co-create solution that is useful, practical, analytical, formulaic, creative, and uniquely yours.

Our Expertise

KUG has the solution to your business success.

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    Dedicated Project Teams

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    World-Wide Virtual Staff

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    Country Coverage

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    % Satisfaction

Helping Small Businesses

Professional Services Networks or Business Consultancy is not just for multinational corporations (MNCs),
international governmental organizations (IGOs), or international nongovernmental organizations (NGOs).

At KUG we make it affordable and practical for SME businesses, even for Start-Ups!

Share your dreams with us today!